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I recently received the email below from Stephanie Hirsh regarding the Learning Forward Summer Institute directed at high-quality curricula and learning-focused professional learning. This might be something that you or some of your principals would be interested in.

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From: Stephanie Hirsh <stephanie.hirsh at learningforward.org>
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2018 11:54 AM
To: Suddreth, Diana <Diana.Suddreth at schools.utah.gov>
Subject: A call to action from Stephanie Hirsh

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[Learning Forward]

Dear Diana:

I am writing to invite you and your colleagues to join our focus on integrating professional learning and curricula/instructional materials, to provide you information about the value of leading and elevating this work in your state, and to invite you to Learning Forward’s Summer Institute, where we have partnered with other experts to focus on this work.

A call to action for high-quality curricula and learning-focused professional learning

In order to help states and districts strengthen the alignment of what’s taught in the classroom to the rigor and intent of state college- and career-ready standards, Learning Forward has made the decision to elevate the importance of curriculum-focused professional learning. This pivot in our work came as a result of a deep dive into the research; examination of leading work in the field; and many conversations with leaders in school systems, philanthropy, and technical assistance organizations. The bottom line for this decision was the irrefutable evidence of the power of high-quality instructional materials in the hands of any teacher and the evidence from team-based professional learning’s impact on all students.

Integrating job-embedded team learning with high-quality instructional materials answers every teacher’s need for relevant, coherent, and timely support, and outlines the most compelling agenda possible for PLCs.

A new message for educators

For many people in the field this is a new message. We have much work to do to ensure this message, the tools, and the needed support get to all practitioners. I’m asking you to tackle this work in your state (or district) for all students as an equalizer to high-quality equitable instruction. To help practitioners understand the reason for this call to action, we have recently released several blogs and more recently a white paper on this subject. You can find these documents here.<http://LF.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT03NjUzNTE4JnA9MSZ1PTEwOTgzOTEzMzEmbGk9NTUxNDA2NDc/index.html>

An invitation to Learning Forward’s Summer Institute

Another step that we are taking to get the word out about this important work is hosting a summer institute on July 19-22 in Portland, Oregon together with Ed Reports, UnBoundEd, BSCS Science Learning, WestED, ISKME, CenterPoint, Carnegie Corporation, and Student Achievement Partners.

During the institute we will:

  *   Build the case for this important work,
  *   Dive deep into what high-quality instructional materials means, how states/districts/schools select them, and how emerging instructional materials align with demanding career- and college-ready standards and support effective teaching,
  *   Engage in a PLC process that is squarely focused on leveraging instructional materials to improve teaching and learning, and
  *   Model professional learning that exemplifies the new PD definition in ESSA as well as the evidence requirement.

We would be honored to have you join us for this institute and for you to bring colleagues with you who work with professional development and curriculum/instructional materials. And, please feel free to share this information with others who you think would benefit from this experience. Information about the institute may be found here.<http://LF.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT03NjUzNTE4JnA9MSZ1PTEwOTgzOTEzMzEmbGk9NTUxNDA2NDg/index.html>

Opportunity to lead

I am convinced this issue is some of the most important work of my career. We need leaders like you to ensure that state and district curricula are high-quality and aligned to student standards, that teachers are fully prepared for the rigor of delivering content to students with diverse needs, and that practitioners know how to select appropriate instructional materials that meet the needs of students and are a wise use of our limited resources.

We’d love to hear from you if you have input or advice about how to best reach those who will most benefit from exploring this topic further. I appreciate you considering my request to join us for this important institute and to share this message with the appropriate people in your organization. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you and your colleagues in Portland in July.


Stephanie Hirsh

Executive Director





Learning Forward

504 South Locust St.

Oxford, OH 45056

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