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You have to print it as the directions say on the side-flip on the short side.

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Subject: RE: KEEP Exit Release

Hooray!! We will send this out in the next AD memo next week.
One note, Tracy printed hard copies of the materials and the student materials may need a tweak to be in the flip book style. Right now, the words are upside down on the teacher side.

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Subject: KEEP Exit Release

Good morning,

We are excited to release the final draft of the Kindergarten Entry and Exit Profile (KEEP) for the spring 2018 administration.  Attached you will find the teacher's administration manual as well as the student materials booklet.  Please share these as appropriate with other educators in your LEA.  Training is available starting mid-March.  We anticipate having the digital entry in the Data Gateway in time for the administration window.  Further information on the data entry system will also be shared at the trainings in March.

We appreciate the many educators who engaged in the development and refinement of the KEEP.  We look forward to this year's administration and the impact of the results.

Thanks for your support in making the KEEP a successful measure of student learning in Utah!

Jennifer Throndsen
PreK-12 Literacy & Library Media Coordinator
Utah State Board of Education

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