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Tue Apr 10 16:41:47 MDT 2018

Curriculum Directors,

In preparation for drafting possible changes to R277-503 in response to the proposed new licensing system, I am hoping to have a focus group consisting solely of alternatively prepared or licensed teachers.  To this end I am asking for your nominations of such teachers that would be willing and able to attend.  I’m hoping for 10-20 individuals.  The focus group discussion will be next week, on Thursday, April 19 from 4 -6 pm at USBE.

I’m looking for thoughtful, insightful, alternatively prepared, effective teachers that will help inform the Board’s future decisions regarding alternative preparation under the new licensing system.  As this meeting is very soon, I will need any nominations you would like to make by noon on Friday, April 13.

In addition, I will be holding another focus group for a broader group of stakeholders on the same topic on Friday, April 20 from 1-3 pm at USBE.  If any of you are interested in participating in that focus group, please let me know.  For those of you that attended the UPEHRA conference last month, this would be very similar to what I presented there.

For those of you that are too far from USBE to attend these meetings, please know that I have not forgotten you.  I’m working on possible ways to ensure inclusion of teachers from all areas of Utah in future focus groups on licensing topics as there are likely to be quite a few in the next year or so.

Thank you for your help with this!

Travis Rawlings
Educator Licensing Coordinator;
Teaching and Learning;
Utah State Board of Education
(801) 538 - 7601
travis.rawlings at schools.utah.gov<mailto:travis.rawlings at schools.utah.gov>

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