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Curriculum Directors,

Please see the message below from Joleigh Honey regarding updates for the Mathematics Endorsement.


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Subject: Secondary Mathematics Endorsement Requirements

I am sending a reminder email that went out last Fall with information related to the Mathematics Endorsement requirements that go into effect starting October 1st, 2017. Please share this information (again) with all stakeholders, including any classroom teacher who may be interested in obtaining a mathematics endorsement.

Thank you,
Joleigh Honey


The secondary mathematics endorsement requirements have undergone revisions that will go into effect starting October 1st, 2017.

CURRENT CLASSROOM TEACHERS: Please note that the current endorsement requirements will be accepted through October 1, 2017 for both current teachers who are applying for a mathematics endorsement as well as those applying for a State Approved Endorsement Plan (SAEP). Starting October 1st, 2017 anyone who has ALREADY completed their undergraduate work and wishes to apply for a mathematics endorsement will fall under the new endorsement requirements.

STUDENTS ENROLLED IN A MATHEMATICS PREPARATION PROGRAM: Individuals currently enrolled in a Utah approved math preparation program prior to October 1st, 2017 will be held to the current endorsement requirements when applying for licensure. Students enrolled in a Utah mathematics preparation program after October 1st, 2017 will fall under the new endorsement requirements.

For the comparison of Secondary Mathematics Endorsement requirements: Current and Future, please visit: http://www.schools.utah.gov/CURR/mathsec/Endorsements.aspx

I have also attached the overview of the Content Courses for Secondary Mathematics Teaching courses. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I would like to thank the Secondary Mathematics Endorsement Committee for their time and work in updating the requirements to more closely align with the MET II document and providing courses that promote what teachers need to be successful in teaching secondary mathematics. The Secondary Mathematics Endorsement Committee consisted of various stakeholders who train, work with, and/or hire mathematics teachers. Stakeholders represented both rural and urban areas, charters and districts, K-12 and Higher Education. Representation consisted of the following: classroom teachers, mathematics specialists (general education and special education), curriculum directors, human resource directors, and several members from higher education.

I would also like to acknowledge the Utah Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (UAMTE) for their recommendations as well as the committee who worked on the Content Courses for Secondary Mathematics Teaching.

**This information has been shared with State Mathematics Coordinators (SMECC), Curriculum Directors, Utah Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (UAMTE), Charter Schools, Utah Mathematics Endorsement Project (UMEP), and others.

Thank you,
Joleigh Honey

Joleigh Honey
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