[Curriculum Directors] FW: Pre-Summit Survey

Collins, Jonathan Jonathan.Collins at schools.utah.gov
Tue Nov 15 16:16:20 MST 2016

Dear Curriculum Directors and Preschool Coordinators/Directors:

I enjoyed participating in your meeting last week. I look forward to meeting with you on the 14th of December to discuss ways to support transitions to kindergarten. I know that many of you have some amazing transition practices in place between your special education and kindergarten programs. As key stakeholders, I look forward to learning from you and discussing ways to expand those practices to all children transitioning into kindergarten, especially our other high-risk children. With early childhood programs expanding across the state, coming together will support our superintendents request to increase collaboration and communication between programs for the success of our children and their families.

To encourage thoughtful discussions at our summit, I want to learn more about your current transition practices. Attached is a quick pre-summit survey. Will you please fill it out and share a little bit about your current transition practices with me?

Survey link:

Also, be sure to register in advance. Attached is the flyer with registration information.

Enjoy the beautiful day,


Kellie Kohler
Utah Head Start Collaboration Office Director
Department of Workforce Services - Utah Office of Child Care
(801) 526-4388<tel:%28801%29%20526-4388>/(385) 831-8334<tel:%28385%29%20831-8334>
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