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[The 1920s The First Modern Decade]

Professional development is important to you (and your boss). A new Social Science Symposium is now available--finally, it's not just the math teachers who have an excuse to get together and have some fun while learning about their subjects--and those who attend will receive re-licensure points (also called License Renewal Points).

The topic of the exciting symposium is the 1920s. Presenters will cover themes from across the range of social science disciplines on issues from the Roaring 20s that have incredible relevance today. Come and get insight on how the U.S. fight against alcohol during prohibition relates to contemporary anti-drug policies, what the era was like for African Americans who faced brutal discrimination including lynching, hear about the decade's most compelling trials, and glean understanding on politics and leadership from some of the leading experts in the field-including best-selling author and historian David Pietrusza, whose work includes the award-winning 1920: The Year of the Six Presidents.

SLCC Social Science Symposium for Educators
April 17 - 18, 2015
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
4600 S. Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, Utah
Student Event Center
Register Now<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001JtHZH7oysnrkECiO-ldKgXSyC6wFDolnhsV5HNqzYjazuzWGptc1gWMzo9vP-DmL1WIbByTGlCMkXHBi8gNIeDQW3LdsDlHiRVt6UFulEUF0QHjrAFudv_cF5NNiwAJJvxPIWqF4mwQp3OTJvKcW8-yAf6Au_WtJB0Y0Ozh7spk=>


Friday, April 17, 2015

4:00 p.m. - 4:10 p.m.

Student Event Center

4:15 p.m. - 5:10 p.m.

Drug Free America: I Can Drink to That (Part 1)
Spencer Blake
Student Event Center

5:15 p.m. - 6:10 p.m.

Drug Free America: I Can Drink to That (Part 2)
Katerina Salini
Student Event Center

6:15 p.m. - 7:25 p.m.

Dinner Break

7:30 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.

The 'Bastard Daughter' of Justice:
The Dozen Trials that Made the Twenties Roar
David Pietrusza
Student Event Center


Saturday, April 18, 2015

8:45 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

The Leadership Dilemma of the '20s:
What We Knew and What We Know Now
Larry Christensen
Student Event Center

10:10 a.m. - 11:25 a.m.

How the '20s Roared, America Into Modern Society
Christopher Case
Student Event Center

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Lunch Break

12:35 p.m. - 1:50 p.m.

Pleasure and Pain in the Lives of Blacks in the 1920s
Deidre Tyler
Student Event Center

2:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

The Election of 1920: The Year of the Six Presidents
David Pietrusza
Student Event Center

3:25 p.m. - 4:25 p.m.

Panel Discussion
Student Event Center

[1920s Symposium Footer]

Individuals requiring accommodations can contact the SLCC Disability Resource Center at 801-957-4659.

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