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Assessment Directors:
Please be aware of the following items:

1.            UAA Score Files
USOE is in the process of collecting each LEA’s UAA data through MOVEit.  Emily Sweeten has been contacting  the 42 LEAs which have either not returned the file or notified USOE that the LEA has no UAA students.  For those LEAs, please send USOE the data by the end of this week (Friday, June 12, 2015).  Once data has been loaded and validated, USOE will send each assessment director a confirmation of how many valid UAA submissions were processed by USOE.  For questions about UAA submissions, please contact Emily Sweeten (Emily.Sweeten at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Emily.Sweeten at schools.utah.gov> or 801-538-7730)

2.            Special Codes
Many LEAs have expressed concerns about the volume and validity of special codes present on the discrepancy report.  To assist LEAs with the validation process, USOE will again be providing a spreadsheet, like last year, of what special codes were marked on which tests.  LEAs will have until July 10 to correct the special codes on the spreadsheet if any are needed.  If no corrections are desired, no action is needed by the LEA.  We will simply use the codes in TIDE.  We anticipate spreadsheets will be delivered through the MOVEit Testing folder by Monday, June 22, however, if it is later, we will extend the deadline.

3.            WIDA ACCESS results for the 2015 school year are now available for LEA Assessment Directors and Alternative Language Services Directors to download from MetriTech’s website.
Please contact the Help Desk for your download username/password:
wida at metritech.com<mailto:wida at metritech.com>
1-800-747-4868 (ask for WIDA Support)

-Paper copies of the reports should begin arriving at LEA offices shortly. Please contact Daron Kennett with any other questions or concerns:
               Daron Kennett  --  daron.kennett at schools.utah.gov<mailto:daron.kennett at schools.utah.gov>  --  801-538-7819

4.            Summer School Testing
LEAs which require testing for summer school should contact Jared Wright (Jared.Wright at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Jared.Wright at schools.utah.gov>).  Tests need to be manually entered into UTREx (by USOE) to trigger the tests and therefore requires time to process.  USOE would like to be in contact with those LEAs to make sure testing is  available for those students starting early July.

5.            The first AD meeting for the 2015-16 year will be August 20th at the USOE, Basement West, from 9:00-11:00 AM.  It will be available via webinar, more information to come as the date gets closer.

6.            2014-2015 ROGL Data
USOE is requesting the composite scores from the DIBELS assessment.  The data will be used for impact decisions moving forward.  USOE will be prepopulating spreadsheets based off the end-of-year UTREx submission in July.  If your LEA would like to be proactive about generating the file for USOE, the file specification is below.

Column Name



District number of reporting LEA


Ending school number in LEA during 2014-2015.  Each student only has one row per LEA.  This column does not reflect which school accountability applied to.


Name of last school in LEA during 2014-2015.


Student’s current State Student ID number


Student’s first name


Student’s last name


Student’s grade level in 2014-2015


Proficiency reported through UTREx.  Valid values Y = Yes (proficient)
N = No (Not proficient)
U = Untested


Fall composite score if student was tested.


Proficiency reported through UTREx.  Valid values Y = Yes (proficient)
N = No (Not proficient)
U = Untested


Midyear composite score if student was tested.


Proficiency reported through UTREx.  Valid values Y = Yes (proficient)
N = No (Not proficient)
U = Untested


Spring composite score if student was tested.

Thank You.

Jo Ellen Shaeffer, Ed.D
Director I Assessment & Accountability | Utah State Office of Education
250 E 500 S | PO Box 144200  | Salt Lake City, 84114-4200 |801.538.7811: joellen.shaeffer at schools.utah.gov<mailto:joellen.shaeffer at schools.utah.gov>

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