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Rieben, Cheri Cheri.Rieben at schools.utah.gov
Thu Jan 8 10:54:08 MST 2015

Hello Curriculum Directors,
RIMS, Utah's online database of reviews of instructional materials,  is being rewritten.  Our programming staff has requested a list of "stories" the describe uses of the database for specified users.  I have listed below those that may pertain to you.   Please look over this list and let me know if you have additions, edits, or deletions.
We are planning for major improvements in the database and the programming staff have urged us to "shoot for the stars" as we think of a new software offering.  Your input will be greatly appreciated.
--Alan Griffin

Reviewer Actions:

*         I would like to create a review so that they will be available in the database

*         I would like to alter a review within the subject area so that changes can be accurately displayed

*         I would like to see a list of titles that need reviews so that I can track items that have and have not been reviewed

*         I would like to see a previously entered review so that I can observe the narratives of other reviewers

*         I would like to receive recertification credit through OnTrack for work on reviews so that my  credit is accurately recorded

*         I would like to sign in to the system at start of review process so that I have appropriate rights to accomplish my work as a reviewer

*         I would like to access core standards and rubrics so that I can compare them with items being reviewed

*         I would like a standardized format for review construction so that the reviews will be displayed in a consistent, orderly fashion
Public Actions:

*         I would like to access all reviews, including items by rating and category so that I can see what is available to schools

*         I would like to provide comments and feedback so that my views on the item will be acknowledged

*         I would like to be able to see usage statistics so that I will know how widely adopted the item is
Potential adoptee Actions:

*         I would like to be able to see districts and schools using items, with contact information so that I may receive personal recommendations about listings in RIMS

*         I would like to be able to see entire list so that I can find any and all items recommended by the Board

*         I would like to be able to display items selected by ratings and categories so that I can narrow the selection process

*         I would like to be able to examine alignments associated with items so that I can easily determine core alignment of listed items in RIMS

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