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High School Graduation Changes Effective For Incoming Freshmen, the Graduating Class of 2019

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) has approved the addition of .5 units of social studies to the high school graduation requirements for incoming freshmen.  The graduating class of 2019 will be required to complete at least 3.0 units of social studies course work.  The existing minimum course requirements have not changed.  Local education agencies (LEA's) may use their discretion regarding the additional .5 unit that is now required.  They may add an additional half-year to existing half-year course requirements, or provide an additional elective course to meet the graduation requirement.

In further action, the USBE decreed that General Financial Literacy is an independent course, not affiliated with any particular area.  Therefore, General Financial Literacy, while still remaining as a graduation requirement, does not fulfill social studies graduation requirements.

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