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Rieben, Cheri Cheri.Rieben at schools.utah.gov
Wed Oct 22 11:05:06 MDT 2014

Dear Curriculum Directors,

It has been suggested to me that it would be a valuable service to have a listing of districts and schools and the textbooks and instructional materials that they are using for the courses they offer.  I know that many of you contact each other to get recommendations on these items.

Administrative Code R277-469-7, Section C states:

C. USOE review:

(1) The USOE may require a school district to provide a report of instructional materials purchased by the school district or a school in the previous five years.

A while back I requested such a list from Weber School District and was thrilled to be sent a listing within ½ hour of my request.  An inventory of current textbooks or other instructional materials is really what I am asking for.  It would be great if we could correlate this with currently offered courses.   I don't see a need at this time to get a listing of everything within the past five years, but I would like to be able to tell what is being used by schools and districts at this point in time.  I would be appreciative if you could email me this list in a spreadsheet format (preferably excel) by November 30.   I would like to be able to compile these findings and make them available to you, the State Board of Education, and the general public.

Thanks for your help in this effort.

Alan Griffin
Curriculum Content Specialist
Utah State Office of Education

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