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Curriculum Directors,

Please see the important information below and attached regarding SLOs.  Also note that every district has an SLO contact at USOE who can answer any questions you may have.

Diana Suddreth, Interim Director
Teaching and Learning
Utah State Office of Education
President, Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics
250 E. 500 South
PO Box 144200
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4200
801-538-7739 (New)
diana.suddreth at schools.utah.gov<mailto:diana.suddreth at schools.utah.gov>

We know that you have various concerns about the SLO component of Educator Evaluation. Today, I'm hoping to answer some questions and also give you some additional resources that may help as you move forward.

What should districts be doing this year and next year to implement SLOs?

*         2014 - 2015   During the current school year, districts should adopt an SLO plan and begin training teachers and leaders in the SLO process. Materials to support your work include the USOE SLO Toolkit.  http://schools.utah.gov/CURR/educatoreffectiveness/Student-Growth/SLOHandbook.aspx . The SLO Toolkit is still technically in draft form, but is an excellent resource to support you in planning and professional development. Also, a number of sample SLOs developed by Utah teachers, are available on the Educator Effectiveness website http://schools.utah.gov/CURR/educatoreffectiveness/Student-Growth.aspx.

*         Each district also has an LEA SLO Specialist who has been trained for a year in the SLO process and is ready to support your work in providing professional development to the teachers and leaders in your district. Please use their services, they are generally positive about SLOs and already possess skills and information. They are ready to support your efforts.

*         2015 - 2016   Districts should be ready to implement SLOs next year. Formal SLOs should be completed by everyone who is in a summative evaluation year. During formative years, student growth should be monitored formatively. That could include such activities as work within PLCs, other testing, classroom data monitoring, and principal-teacher conferences. SLOs may also be used in formative years in a formative way.

Should teachers of tested subjects be trained in SLOs?

*         We think that test data will be available to calculate SGPs this year, however we recommend that all teachers be trained in using SLOs. We think that many of them will choose to include SLOs to provide more than one measure of their student's progress.

How will principals gain the skills they need to review SLOs and support the process?

*         Specific professional development for principals in supporting the SLO process and other Educator Evaluation skills will be provided for principals in regions on the state in February. Please see the attached flyer and hold the dates. Principals who attend will gain the basic skills they need to fulfill their role in supporting SLOs.

How can districts get additional support in SLO planning and implementation?

*         Contact your Educator Evaluation USOE Contact at any time. The list is attached. Your contact can make arrangements for additional training in your district, offer support in developing an SLO plan, and provide information for making policy decisions.

*         If you'd like additional professional development for district teachers and leaders, we would also suggest that you apply to be part of the Comprehensive SLO Pilot. PD for selected districts will take place in December. You may recall that there is an incentive attached to participation. The application is attached.

We think that the more you understand SLOs, the more they will make sense as good educational practice that will support student progress. Please feel free to let us know your questions and concerns as we move ahead with implementation.

Linda Alder, M.Ed.
Coordinator, Educator Effectiveness
Utah State Office of Education
801-538-7788 wk
801-538-7769 fax
linda.alder at schools.utah.gov<mailto:linda.alder at schools.utah.gov>

Kerrie Naylor, Ph.D.
Education Specialist, Leadership Preparation and Effectiveness
Department of Teaching and Learning, USOE
kerrie.naylor at schools.utah.gov<mailto:kerrie.naylor at schools.utah.gov>

Please note Utah has a very broad public records law.  Most written communication to or from our state employees regarding state business are public records availiable to the public and media upon request. Your email communication may be subject to public disclosure.

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