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Curriculum Directors,

Please share the information below and attached with your principals.  Any questions should be directed to Glenna Gallo.

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For the past year and a half, USOE staff, under the direction of then State Superintendent of Public Instruction Menlove, have been working to revise two existing key documents:

1.)    R277-608 - Prohibition of Corporal Punishment in Utah's Schools; and

2.)    Least Restrictive Behavior Interventions (LRBI) Guidelines for Students with Disabilities.

R277-608 was revised based on stakeholder work and feedback regarding the need to ensure restraint and seclusionary time out protections for all Utah public education students.  At this time in Utah, protections are in place only for students with disabilities (i.e., Utah State Board of Education Special Education Rules) and students in hospitals and treatment centers (i.e., Children's Health Act).

The LRBI Guidelines were revised based on stakeholder work and feedback regarding the need to update the research and evidence-base (published since the document was last revised in 2009).  In addition, stakeholders proposed that the LRBI be revised to be a comprehensive document which includes/references all existing statute and Board Rule regarding discipline, positive behavior support, etc., as well as to address the behavior support needs of all students, rather than limit guidance to students with disabilities.

Request for Review and Input

A flier with information regarding the process and timelines for public input is attached, as well as copies of the draft R277-608 and draft LRBI.  Stakeholder feedback is requested from all Utah stakeholders with an interest in public education, including superintendents, educators, related service providers, school and district administrators, counselors, parents, advocates, community members, and students.

Please review both documents and provide written feedback to Carol.Anderson at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Carol.Anderson at schools.utah.gov> prior to December 15, 2014.  It is anticipated that the USOE will announce additional opportunities to provide input between now and December 15th, including a discussion at the November 7, 2014 Board meeting.

Input may be provided on any part of the two documents, but specifically is requested regarding the following questions:
*  Should LRBI continue to be guidelines/technical assistance or changed to Administrative Rule?  What would be pros and cons of each?
*  Should R277-608 include destruction of property as an allowable reason for restraint (current evidence-base cautions against it, but current statute allows it)?
*  Are the definitions included in R277-608 clear and adequate?
*  Does the LRBI document include adequate preventative measures to address behavior?
*  How will both documents align the efforts of all educators and administrators and assist students to greater success in college and career ready?
*  Are the review and reporting requirements reasonable for events of restraint and seclusion for all students?
*  What resources would be needed to ensure appropriate professional development as a result of either?

Timelines and Anticipated Actions

These documents were released for public review the week of October 20, 2014, and the public was and will continue to be notified in a variety of methods and multiple opportunities will be provided for input.  The two month time period for public review is provided due to the length and potential impact of these proposed changes.

At this time, it is anticipated that input received in writing by December 15, 2014 will be reviewed and a summary presented to the State Board, along with any document revisions, at the January 2015 State Board meeting.
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