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Dear LEAs,

This E-mail is to clarify possible misunderstandings and up-to-date information in regards to SAGE and Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs), and SLOs. The SAGE results for the 2013-14 school year that were released to the public on October 27, 2014 are valid and reliable assessment results.  The results create a new baseline for student achievement.   Educators and parents should seriously review these results and use the results with all of the other educational information and data to support students and assist them in improving their academic achievement.

We would like to clarify the relationship of SAGE results to Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) and to Educator Evaluation in general. The SAGE results you have recently received may be used in all of the ways you have typically used test results to make instructional decisions, inform the school improvement process,  inform professional development, and evaluate programs; however, the 2013-14 SGPs are not calculated for the purposes of educator evaluation, nor to identify schools for focus and priority status under the ESEA waiver.

Business rules for calculating SGPs for educator evaluations are currently being developed by the USOE Educator Effectiveness section in cooperation with the USOE Assessment section. District representatives including Superintendents, HR Directors, Curriculum Directors, Educator Evaluation Liaisons and other stakeholders will have an opportunity to give input to these business rules prior to their implementation in June of 2015. These business rules will be used to generate teacher-level SGPs that may be used for calculation of a portion of the  educator evaluation as early as August 2015, although their use will not be required until the 2015-2016 school year.

Meanwhile, districts should continue to provide professional development and continue to build rater reliability in relation to teacher and leader observations. They should continue to implement their SLO development plans and make choices about how stakeholder input will be gathered and calculated. The Educator Effectiveness team continues to recommend that teachers of both tested and non-tested subjects learn how to develop and use SLOs to provide additional measurement information about student growth.  SGPs will be available for calculating student growth for the 2014-15 school year (they are also available this year), and they will be available to apply to educator evaluation in 2015-16.

If you have additional questions about these topics, please continue to contact any of the following for additional clarification as needed: Linda Alder at linda.alder at schools.utah.gov<mailto:linda.alder at schools.utah.gov> or 801-538-7923;  Kerrie Naylor at kerrie.naylor at schools.utah.gov<mailto:kerrie.naylor at schools.utah.gov>  or 801-538-7950;   Jo Ellen Shaeffer, joellen.shaeffer at schools.utah.gov<mailto:joellen.shaeffer at schools.utah.gov> or 801-538-7811.

Linda Alder, M.Ed.
Coordinator, Educator Effectiveness
Utah State Office of Education
linda.alder at schools.utah.gov<mailto:linda.alder at schools.utah.gov>
801-538-7788 wk
801-538-7769 fax

Kerrie Naylor, Ph.D.
USOE, Education Specialist
Leadership Preparation and Effectiveness
kerrie.naylor at schools.utah.gov<mailto:kerrie.naylor at schools.utah.gov>
801-910-4136 cell
801-538-7950 wk

Jo Ellen Shaeffer, Ed.D.
USOE, Assessment & Accountability Director
Joellen.shaffer at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Joellen.shaffer at schools.utah.gov>

Please note Utah has a very broad public records law.  Most written communication to or from our state employees regarding state business are public records availiable to the public and media upon request. Your email communication may be subject to public disclosure.

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