[Curriculum Directors] APPLICATION 2014-15 Student Leadership Grant Pilot

Cook, Tricia M. Tricia.Cook at schools.utah.gov
Tue Jun 3 12:26:48 MDT 2014

Utah State Office of Education
RFP for Student Leadership Skills Pilot
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The USOE is now accepting applications for the second year of funding for the Student Leadership Skills pilot program.  If you have a programmatic idea for promoting student leadership skills in your elementary school, this pilot program may be for you.  The intent of this pilot program is to support elementary schools who wish to develop student behaviors and skills that enhance a school's learning environment and are vital for success in a career, including: communication skills; teamwork skills; interpersonal skills; initiative and self-motivation; goal setting skills; problem solving skills; and creativity.

Schools that are selected will need to set school-wide goals for the school's student leadership skills development program and require each student to set personal goals.

If you were approved for funding last year, you are eligible for up to $20,000 this year.  New schools applying are eligible for up to $10,000.  New schools must provide matching funds or an in-kind contribution of goods or services in an amount equal to the grant the school receives from the board.

How it works:

Your elementary school determines a plan for promoting student leadership skills.

You propose your plan and provide an overview and a budget.

You determine where you will find matching funds, if this is your first year.

Submit your application by August 15, 2014.


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