[Curriculum Directors] RESPONSE Requested for Designated LEA SLO Specialist

Naylor, Kerrie Kerrie.Naylor at schools.utah.gov
Tue Sep 24 10:12:55 MDT 2013

The email below was sent Monday, September 23rd by my administrative assistant.  I have decided to send it from my computer as well.  Please respond to Esther Clarke at esther.clarke at schools.utah.gov<mailto:esther.clarke at schools.utah.gov>.  If you have already responded, thank you.

Dear Superintendents and District Administrators:

The next steps for moving ahead with determining measures for student growth are outlined in this email.  This school year we have three big projects to complete:
1) Develop additional Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) in content areas that are not tested by state standardized assessments, specifically focusing on Early Childhood, Science, Health and PE;
2) Pilot the SLOs that were developed last year in Fine Arts, Social Studies, CTE, and Special Education; and
3) Provide professional development for districts and charter schools in the SLO process and how to use SLOs with educator evaluation.

After presenting at the Curriculum Directors, Assessment Directors, and Human Resource Directors meetings last week, it is now time to begin the PD process for LEAs.

First, each LEA needs to have a designated LEA SLO Specialist.  Please send the name, position, and email address of this person to Esther Clarke (esther.clarke at schools.utah.gov<mailto:esther.clarke at schools.utah.gov> by Tuesday, October 1.   The LEA SLO Specialist will act as the liaison between the USOE and LEA and learn how to present professional development on SLOs to the educators in your LEA.

Second, please find a copy of the dates for the entire year (2013-14) attached.   With the exception of the November 12-13 workshop, the listed meetings and webinars are open to all district administrators, including the LEA SLO Specialist.  Email notification will be sent when registration for meetings and webinars is open in On Track.

Third, a timeline is attached indicating how the components of the Educator Effectiveness Project will be implemented pending changes in Rule and Code.  The draft timeline pushes the evaluation implementation date to 2015-16, allowing for additional professional development and SLO pilots.

Thank you for your continued support with the Educator Effectiveness Project.

Kerrie Naylor, Ph.D.
USOE, Education Specialist
Leadership Preparation and Effectiveness
kerrie.naylor at schools.utah.gov<mailto:kerrie.naylor at schools.utah.gov>
801-910-4136 cell
801-538-7950 wk

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