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Please see the below message from Carl Lyman, USOE IT Education Specialist, regarding the Hour of Code.

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Share this with all your trainers and teachers. It is from Hadi Partovi, founder, Code.org. Teachers need to sign-up by the 31st of Oct to be entered for the classroom set of laptops that will be given to one school in ever state. Get every teacher in the school to sign-up.


Carl Lyman

USOE IT Education Specialist

Yesterday, we announced the Hour of Code: a movement to recruit 10 million students of all ages to try computer science for one hour. This will be the largest initiative of its kind, ever.

Backed by Microsoft, Google, Apple, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, the Boys & Girls Clubs, and over 100 other partners<http://postoffice.code.org/l/6GCNayAEpj9kTaeeKMzMJA/VnGGXuwLP5452TquKqRydg/qB892J892hYWy0Ssekhd7636fwpw>, we want to bring computer science to every child, in every school, during Computer Science Education Week<http://postoffice.code.org/l/6GCNayAEpj9kTaeeKMzMJA/oIdrV7wyYcDrHpzcF892kNAQ/qB892J892hYWy0Ssekhd7636fwpw> (Dec. 9-15).

Welcome to the 21st Century

Computer science is foundational for all students today. Yet 90% of schools don’t teach it. Fewer kids learn to program than 10 years ago.

What’s an Hour of Code?

It’s an introduction to computer science designed to demystify code and show that anyone can learn the basics. We’ll provide hour-long tutorials featuring Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Angry Birds, and Plants vs. Zombies -- for your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How can you help?

1) Ask your local school to participate - share this handout and video<http://postoffice.code.org/l/6GCNayAEpj9kTaeeKMzMJA/XzRJesO7C6fN8KDbaYT6sw/qB892J892hYWy0Ssekhd7636fwpw> with your teacher.
2) Participate yourself (or with your child). Set aside one hour to learn, during Dec. 9-15.
3) Ask your employer to schedule a 1-hour team-building event to learn together.
4) Get together a local group in your community. Or host an Hour of Code "block party."

No experience needed

We owe it to today’s students to start with one hour. Let’s make history.
Please get started now at http://hourofcode.com<http://postoffice.code.org/l/6GCNayAEpj9kTaeeKMzMJA/XHXd892sRpGFVhY9q0f5CP2A/qB892J892hYWy0Ssekhd7636fwpw>

- Hadi Partovi, founder, Code.org

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