[Curriculum Directors] Human Sexuality Law and Policy Assurances

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Tue Jan 29 08:03:14 MST 2013

Curriculum Directors:

Please complete and return the attached form demonstrating your LEA's compliance with the law governing the delivery of human sexuality instruction in Utah.  Please attach any additional pages that help to clarify materials and/or guest speakers that are currently being used in human sexuality instruction. The information provided in this form is gathered in compliance with R277-474-4<http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r277/r277-474.htm>.  The form will be kept on file by the Utah State Office of Education.

The form summarizes each LEA's current status in providing professional development for all teachers of human sexuality, the formation and ongoing function of the human sexuality materials committee and the instructional resources used by each LEA.

In October 2013 the USOE will be sponsoring three, four-hour trainings which is mandatory for all new or newly assigned teachers of human sexuality.  This training is held for Health I and II, FACS, and science teachers.  The FACS teachers that are recommended to attend include the teachers of Adult Roles and Responsibilities, Adult Roles and Financial Literacy, Child Development, and Teen Living.  In regards to science teachers, we recommend that any science teacher who teaches topics such as inheritance, population genetics, meiosis, and reproductive systems attend the Human Sexuality professional development course.  The training is helpful for clarifying appropriate responses regarding human sexuality that may stem from instruction in those topic areas.

Send completed form with supporting documents to:

                                    Jamie Ney, Health & Physical Education Assistant
                                    Utah State Office of Education
                                    250 East 500 South
                                    P.O. Box 144200
                                    Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4200

Or email form and supporting documents to:

Jamie.ney at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Jamie.ney at schools.utah.gov>

We appreciate your cooperation in submitting this form and supporting information.  Please feel free to contact me if I can assist in any way.

Diana Suddreth
STEM and Health Coordinator
Utah State Office of Education
Diana.suddreth at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Diana.suddreth at schools.utah.gov>

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