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Curriculum Directors,

The Utah State Office of Education has contracted with the Utah Education Policy Center to develop and administer a number of surveys. The surveys are part of evaluation efforts attached to specific legislative requirements. Generally, the evaluations provide information regarding program quality, fidelity, and/or the outcomes associated with each project.

We are alerting you that these surveys will be coming from one source, and apply to several programs that may or may not be in your schools.  We ask that you support the administration of these surveys (as they apply to your setting) as part of the condition of your participation in these programs.  The following explanation provides a brief summary of those projects and surveys.

Online Educator Effectiveness Surveys

The UEPC is administering the Online Educator Effectiveness Surveys as part of the USOE's Educator Effectiveness Pilot. Moreover, the surveys meet the requirements of House Bill149 and support teacher and leadership effectiveness evaluations (Senate Bill 64).  Surveys are administered twice a year to students, parents, and teachers from 51 schools and will take respondents approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Early Intervention Program Survey

The Early Intervention Program Survey is one aspect of a comprehensive evaluation of an early intervention software use program for kindergarten and first grade students that was initiated at the start of the 2012-13 academic year. Data collection requires school administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals and Information Technology specialists to complete surveys about their experience with the early intervention software. The surveys will be sent to schools in May 2013, and in following years as appropriate, and are expected to take each respondent approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Utah's Arts Learning Program

Initiated at the start of the 2008-09 academic year and currently completing its 5th year, the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program is a statewide program that focuses on the integration of arts with other core content areas. The UEPC has evaluated the implementation of the BTSALP since its first year. This year's evaluation will expand beyond the BTSALP schools to include all elementary schools in the state. The surveys ask about the presence of arts education within schools and will be sent to school administrators at each elementary school within the state. School administrators will be asked to complete the survey and make links to the online survey available to all of the teachers within their schools. The surveys will be sent to schools this May 2013 and are expected to take each respondent approximately 15 minutes to complete.

If you have specific questions about the surveys, please contact Wynn, Andrea, or Kristen at the Utah Education Policy Center, 801-581-4976. Thank you in advance for your participation in the evaluation of these programs, as required by state statute.

With appreciation,
Sydnee Dickson

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