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Cook, Tricia M. Tricia.Cook at schools.utah.gov
Wed Oct 24 11:04:59 MDT 2012

Dear Curriculum Directors,
                We are in need of more reviewers for our upcoming World Languages review that is scheduled for Monday, October 29th.  If you could provide us the names of a few exemplary teachers in the following areas it would be greatly appreciated.  We will extend invitations to them immediately.

Chinese - 1 needed
French - 2 needed
Spanish ( & Portuguese) - 6 needed
German - 3 needed
Latin - 3 (perhaps our French and Spanish teachers could work with these titles)

We have a large shipment of samples which will be available at the conclusion of the review for those who participate.  We can pay for substitutes.  We will also pay for mileage and lodging for those who come from remote locations.

Please send us names ASAP and we will invite participants immediately.  We appreciate your help in this matter.   You may send your responses to Mindy Allen at:
Mindy.allen at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Mindy.allen at schools.utah.gov>

Thanks again for your help.

Alan Griffin
Curriculum Content Specialist
Utah State Office of Education
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