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Tue Oct 2 10:05:55 MDT 2012

Dear Curriculum and Assessment Directors:

Lynne Baty and I appreciated the opportunity to present to you in your September Directors' Meetings.  The purpose of this email is to remind you of the upcoming SLO Professional Development Tuesday and Wednesday, November 13-14, 2012.  Attached is a flyer with information about the workshop.  The site has been determined and the event will be held at the Provo Marriott and Conference Center.

Please be sure to send us the name of your LEA SLO Leader Specialist.  The role the LEA leader specialist will play is crucial to keep all LEAs informed about the progress the USOE SLO Writing Groups are making toward the development of exemplar SLOs and assessments.  We should have received the name of your SLO Leader Specialist by October 1st, but if we have not yet received the name, you can still send it to Esther Clarke (esther.clarke at schools.utah.gov<mailto:esther.clarke at schools.utah.gov>) by the end of this week.

Our plan this year is to have USOE Writing Groups develop exemplar SLOs in three content areas:  Social Studies, Fine Arts, and CTE.  In addition, we will have expert educators in Special Education, Alternative Language Services, and Gifted and Talented involved with these Content Area Writing Groups to assist with the development of SLOs appropriate for students with disabilities, students with high ability, and students that are English Language Learners.  We believe that this plan will provide a starting place for the USOE to pilot the SLO process next school year.  Additional content areas will be developing exemplar SLOs next year as well.

Your support and expertise in the SLO development process is imperative.  Thank you for your quick reply to this request.

Kerrie Naylor, Ph.D.
Education Specialist, Leadership Preparation and Effectiveness
Utah State Office of Education
kerrie.naylor at schools.utah.gov<mailto:kerrie.naylor at schools.utah.gov>

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