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The year is almost over! I hope you are all looking forward to relaxing this summer.

We are finally through our discussions about (1) what data we can get from the state system and (2) what data you will need to provide for these two programs so that USOE can prepare the appropriate reports for the legislature. We need to demonstrate how these two funding sources make a significant difference in supporting our young readers so all stakeholders can see the value in continuing to support these programs.

We have made some changes this year to the information asked (to prevent duplication with what we are now collecting through the SIS system) and the way we collect the information (to increase efficiency). I hope you will find the reporting possibly slightly less painful to complete.

Both reports have been created in a Survey Monkey format. The K-3 Reading report will also include an Excel spreadsheet. A few tips:

1.       The information on the Excel sheet is based on your district's School Reading Goals report that was attached to your Utah Consolidated Application. If you open that document, you can copy the information and then add the "Spring 2012 Score" for each school and grade and a "Y or N" to indicate if that school/grade met the goal they stated. That document, if you can't find it on your computer, is still available through the UCA. If you are a charter school and therefore only have one site, you will just refer to your LEA as the school.

2.       Financial information is asked for both programs. Survey Monkey is a little unwieldy with this, so there are two tables; one for the description of how the funds were spent, and one for the amount spent in a category.

3.       We will ask about software for both programs. If you didn't use any software or other technology at all with either program, indicate that; if you did, the same list is included in both surveys and you are asked to indicate if you purchased it with funds from that specific program or other district funds. Therefore, if you are pulling up your technology expenditures, leave that information open until you finish both surveys.

The K-3 Reading Achievement Program Survey is located at:

The Early Intervention Program (formerly known as OEK) Survey is located at:

All information (surveys and spreadsheet) are due by July 20, 2012. This information is also being emailed to the Elementary Literacy Directors list.

Thank you for your information. Have a wonderful day!

Tiffany Hall
K-12 Literacy Coordinator
Teaching and Learning
Utah State Office of Education

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