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Thu May 3 16:27:32 MDT 2012

Education Colleagues,

During the May Utah State Board meeting, it was announced that Utah will be sending a letter to SBAC withdrawing as a Governing State and changing to an Advisory State.  The decision to change the membership status for SBAC was made because Utah is currently developing a RFP for an adaptive testing system, and there were concerns that if Utah continues with the current level of involvement in SBAC, there could be claims of bias in the selection process if SBAC deliverables are included in any proposals or resulting contracts.  This change in membership letter also requires that Utah not participate on any workgroups - therefore Judy will be resigning as EC co-chair, and Kevin, John, Julie and Wendy will also resign from participation on their workgroups.  Our greatest concern at this time is to ensure that SBAC is impacted as little as possible, and so will spend the month of May working with SBAC to transition our positions with the goal that no later than June 1, Utah will no longer be participating in any of our current positions.  As an advisory state, Utah will attend meetings and participate on calls as appropriate to an advisory state.  After the RFP process has concluded and contracts are awarded, then Utah will determine the appropriate membership (if any) at that time.  If you have any questions, please contact Judy Park.

Judy W. Park, Ed.D.
Utah State Office of Education
Associate Superintendent
Student Services and Federal Programs

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