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Hello, all!

It is time to begin a conversation about cursive writing. And a conversation means a committee.

Cursive writing is not specific addressed in the Core standards, but it is currently taught throughout our schools. Questions surrounding cursive include (1) are there specific developmental reasons we should continue to teach cursive? (2) should cursive writing be replaced with computer skills?  (3) if we continue with cursive, is there a recommended amount of time that should be focused on its teaching?

Experts are divided on the use of cursive with our students in the technology age. This committee will read the research about cursive, look at current practices within our districts, and conclude with a statement of recommended practice.

I am looking for a representative committee that will be willing to

*         Engage in finding, reading, and discussing research relating to cursive writing, student development, and teaching;

*         Weigh findings and openly discuss options; and

*         Support a recommendation about teaching and learning cursive.

We would plan to meet 4-5 times over the next eight months and draw our work to a conclusion by Thanksgiving.

If you would like to participate, or send someone from your district, please let me know by March 23.  We will plan a meeting schedule at that point. Please send responses to tiffany.hall at schools.utah.gov<mailto:tiffany.hall at schools.utah.gov>.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter. I appreciate all you do for the education and edification of students in our schools!

Tiffany Hall
K-12 Literacy Coordinator
Teaching and Learning
Utah State Office of Education

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