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Cook, Tricia M. Tricia.Cook at schools.utah.gov
Fri Dec 7 16:13:30 MST 2012

In our meeting with the Instructional Materials Commission in November, it was suggested that we create a form that would provide a somewhat standardized format for reviews of instructional materials.  Understanding that each subject and core is unique in its list of standards and objectives, and materials need to be carefully reviewed against these standards, I created a form that follows the common criteria identified by SIMRA.  Individual items on the form are rated on a numeric scale from 1-5, which results in a total score of up to 100 points.  I would like to get feedback on the attached criteria from Curriculum Directors.  Please send comments to Alan Griffin at alan.griffin at schools.utah.gov<mailto:alan.griffin at schools.utah.gov>.

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Alan Griffin
Instructional Materials Specialist
Utah State Office of Education
Alan.griffin at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Alan.griffin at schools.utah.gov>
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