[Curriculum Directors] Request for K-3 reading information (2011-2012 school year)

Cook, Tricia M. Tricia.Cook at schools.utah.gov
Tue Oct 18 14:16:14 MDT 2011

Hello, all!

I have had an emergency information request to prepare a report about the K-3 Reading Improvement Program. I'm sorry to have to pass this emergency on to you; thanks in advance for your help!

Your report on the K-3 Reading Improvement Program that was submitted on July 15, 2011 asked for information about the types of software you purchased with K-3 funds. We have been asked to provide a projection of software that you will purchase with funds this year (2011-2012).

Please review the software that you stated you were using in your 2010-2011 report and make any changes and updates on this chart for the 2011-2012 school year. Please note that we are asking for the same information in the first three columns; the fourth asks for the target audience, and the fifth for the amount of K-3 money that your district is spending on the software.

Additionally, if you are using the funds to purchase "portable technology devices" to administer assessments, please indicate that as well at the bottom of the chart.

I need this information by 10:00 AM on Thursday, October 20. Please email it back to me at tiffany.hall at schools.utah.gov<mailto:tiffany.hall at schools.utah.gov>.

Again, thank you for your help and quick turn around with this information. I appreciate all you do to help us maintain these funds to support our students.

Tiffany Hall
K-12 Literacy Coordinator
Utah State Office of Education

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