[Curriculum Directors] Common Core Academy Participant Last Minute Updates

Cook, Tricia M. Tricia.Cook at schools.utah.gov
Fri May 27 15:19:02 MDT 2011

Dear Curriculum Directors,

On Wednesday we sent a letter via OnTrack to every person who is registered for Common Core Academy (see attached), but we noticed that many participants do not have e-mail addresses listed in OnTrack.  We assume this is because they have never logged in themselves.  When logging into OnTrack for the first time the teacher is required to verify their e-mail address.  We will be sending out the e-mail again in a couple of weeks so hopefully within that time your participants could login and make sure they have a valid e-mail address listed.  Another option is that you send the letter to those teachers who might not have received it (attached).

If you would like to send an e-mail to all your participants, here is a template that you can copy and paste into an e-mail.

Dear Common Core Academy Participant,

In order to be sure you are receiving all the updates about Common Core Academy please be sure you have an updated e-mail address listed in OnTrack.  You will need to go to http://usoe.truenorthlogic.com/  and login with your username being your firstname.lastname and your password as your CACTUS ID number.  If you have never logged in before you will need to answer 5 questions to set-up your profile and one of the questions is to verify your e-mail address.  If you have already logged in you will need to click the button on the top bar of the homepage, My Profile.  In My Profile you can update your e-mail, location, demographics and change your password.

If you have issues logging in there are help options available to you on the main login page of OnTrack.


Jamie Ney
Teaching and Learning
Utah State Office of Education
250 East 500 South
PO Box 144200
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4200
Desk-801-538-7963   Fax-801-538-7769

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OnTrack link: http://usoe.truenorthlogic.com/

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