[Curriculum Directors] Wimba for USOE Coordinated Meetings

Hunt, Patty Patty.Hunt at schools.utah.gov
Mon Nov 29 10:31:05 MST 2010

For those of you that are unable to travel to the USOE coordinated meeting being held tomorrow, Tuesday, November 30,  2010, at the Jordan District offices  we will be providing access to each of the sessions via Wimba. For those of you not familiar with Wimba, it is an online meeting (webinar) site similar to WebEx or GoToMeeting. All you will need to access the sessions is a computer. Headphones or earbuds are optional.

To access Wimba, please do the following:

1.      Open an internet browser

a.       PC/Windows users: Internet Explorer is preferred

b.      Mac users: Safari is preferred

2.      Navigate to http://my.uen.org/39 and click on the Wimba Classroom tab or click on this link: http://my.uen.org/myuen/39/13. Type your name in the "Participant Name" box and then click  "Enter Room"

3.      If you have never used Wimba please click "Run Wizard" on the "Is Your Computer Ready?" screen. If you have used Wimba previously, choose the "click here" link. After the wizard is complete or if you chose "click here" you will be directed to Rick Gaisford's Room.

4.      The following link explains the layout of the Wimba Classroom screen: http://www.uen.org/wcs/screenshot.shtml

Rick Gaisford will be monitoring all the sessions throughout the day.  If you have questions for any of the presenters you may relay your question to Rick via audio or through the text chat box.

Rick Gaisford will be available today or starting tomorrow  at 8:00 am for technical assistance to help make your participation via Wimba successful.  You can reach Rick via e-mail at rick.gaisford at schools.utah.gov<mailto:rick.gaisford at schools.utah.gov> or on his  cell phone,  801-652-2543

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