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Correct Dates
Please forward to Principals, Financial Literacy teachers, and new hires that will be assigned to teach the required course.
2010 General Financial Literacy Professional Development Registration

We are offering a two-day workshop for first time financial literacy teachers which will cover the core standards and objective, resources, lesson plans, assessments, etc.
            2-Day Workshops   July 12-13, 2010          Cedar City, UT
                                                July 20-21, 2010           Salt Lake City, UT
                                                July 22-23, 2010           Layton, UT

We are also offering a one-day workshop which will provide updates and new ideas for teaching financial literacy.  You may register for both the two-day workshop and the one-day workshop if you choose.  The presenters and content will be different.
            1-Day Workshop     July 19, 2010              Salt Lake City, UT

If you are not linked to the registration site by clicking on the url above, copy and paste the url into your browser.   Contact my assistant, Ruth Sargent at ruth.sargent at schools.utah.gov<mailto:ruth.sargent at schools.utah.gov>  if you have questions or problems registering.

Julie Felshaw
Economics and Financial Literacy Education Specialist
Utah State Office of Education
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