[Curriculum Directors] online writing, final version approved by state purchasing

Hunt, Patty Patty.Hunt at schools.utah.gov
Thu Sep 3 15:51:34 MDT 2009

Curriculum Directors,
I'm sure you have been waiting for information regarding online writing.  John Jesse, Director of Assessment, has provided the information below regarding the section of a new  online USOE summative writing tool for grades 5 & 8.  John stated that Measured Inc has waived the $250 per school setup fee; the price for students not in grades 5 and 8 will be $5.08.  If interested, here is contact information for Measured Inc.:

Project Manager:  Byinna Crowder
Support Telephone (toll free): 866-691-1231
Support Email: utahwriting at measinc.com<mailto:utahwriting at measinc.com>

**Minutes for the August Regional Curriculum Directors meetings are also attached.

Lynne Greenwood
Curriculum and Instruction, Director
Utah State Office of Education
lynne.greenwood at schools.utah.gov
fax:  801.538.7769
phone: 801.538.7828

Online Writing Vendor Selected:  Measurement Inc.
Online Writing Services paid for by USOE:

1.   Summative Assessment 5th/8th grade , 1 test per student , February/March window

2.   Formative Assessment,  5th/8th  grade,  entire school year

1.   The formative assessment tool should be available by the end of October.

2.   Summative testing details should be available in November.

3.   Pricing for use in other grade levels will be available in the next couple of weeks.

1.   Why wasn't Vantage (My Access) selected? Our teachers are already trained and they like the product.
We understand your disappointment that the vendor many of you are currently using was not selected.  However, please know the RFP process gave all vendors ample opportunity to present their product and their best pricing.

2.   Who is Measurement Incorporated?

Measurement Incorporated develops and scores educational tests.  It is based in Durham, North Carolina and was established in 1980.  For Utah, they will be using their Automated Essay Scoring (AES) software, Project Essay Grade (PEG), to score student writing. PEG is based on more than 40 years of research and the results have been validated in more independent studies than all other essay scoring programs combined.

3.   Where can we find more information about Measurement Inc's writing tool?

Their tool performs like other online writing programs.  Students submit writing and it is scored using the AES software.  Analytic scores are available immediately to teachers and students.  Please visit the following website to learn more about the program: https://www.wpponline.com/Welcome.aspx

4.   Can we still use Vantage for formative assessment if we pay for it?

Yes, absolutely. However, you will need to use the Measurement Inc. system for the summative test in Feb. /March.

5.   Will the prompt still be persuasive?

Yes, however, we will have a conversation with LEAs this year to determine if that is the best approach.

6.   Will our teachers like and use this tool?

We encourage you to be open-minded and give Measurement Inc. a fair opportunity to prove themselves to you and your teachers.  The goal is the same for all of us, to help students become better writers.  We believe Measurement Inc., if given a fair opportunity, can assist us in moving towards that goal.

                                John Jesse, Director of Assessment


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