[Curriculum Directors] Job Vacancies in Curriculum and Instruction

Hunt, Patty Patty.Hunt at schools.utah.gov
Wed Jun 17 07:34:21 MDT 2009

Dear Curriculum Directors,
The Curriculum and Instruction section at the Utah State Office of Education currently has 2 open specialist positions. Each of these can be viewed at https://statejobs.utah.gov/jobs.
The posting are for an Elementary Math/Science Specialist and a Secondary Science Specialist. Applications will be accepted for each position from 6-16-09 thru 6-29-09.
Please refer qualified and interested educators as appropriate.
Thank you for your help in this recruiting effort.
Lynne Greenwood
Curriculum and Instruction, Director
Utah State Office of Education
lynne.greenwood at schools.utah.gov<mailto:lynne.greenwood at schools.utah.gov>
fax:  801.538.7769
phone: 801.538.7828

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