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Thu Jul 23 12:58:50 MDT 2009

Curriculum Directors:

Senate Bill 100, passed by the Utah State Legislature in the 2009 General Session, requires that the parents or guardians of kindergarten students be given a financial and economic literacy "passport," as well as information about higher education savings options, including the Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP).  See attachment for UESP overview.

The UESP brochures will arrive at the elementary schools in your district by August 10, 2009.  We ask that the information be distributed to the parents or guardians of kindergarten students as required.  UESP will also provide enough brochures to distribute to all elementary students.

The financial and economic literacy passport for kindergarten students will arrive at the schools in August.  More details will be provided about the passport program for all grades during the August curriculum directors meetings.

If you have questions about the UESP program, please call Diane Johnson at 800.418.2551. If you have questions about the passport program, please call Julie Felshaw at 801.538.7859.


     Brenda Hales,  Associate Superintendent
     Student Achievement and School Success

     Lynne Greenwood, Director
     Curriculum and Instruction

     Mary Shumway, Director
     Career, Technical, and Adult Education


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