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District and Charter School Literacy Leaders,

At the last literacy meeting we discussed needing approximately 25 people to participate in the standard setting study for Utah for the ECE license (Feb 2nd) and the Reading endorsement (Feb 3rd ) Praxis tests.  We need university folks, district specialists, and 10-15 excellent teachers who have completed the endorsement in the last 6 or 7 years. I encourage you to register, and ask that you help us by recruiting these good teachers.  The results of this study will impact many people for a long time into the future, so we want it to be right!

To participate in the study, you must apply directly to ETS using the web site below. Attached (at the bottom) is the link to the registration website.  This information comes directly from ETS (see the signature below), and questions regarding the process should be directed to them. You will be notified at a later date if you have been selected to participate in the study.

Nominees can access this link and complete the online form with their information.  The information is then imported directly into the ETS database.

The online form is generic for any panel except for Questions #3 and #4.  [Question #3 asks for the General Area in which the nominee has been selected; this question needs to be selected first.  This selection will determine the options available for Question #4.  Question #4 asks for the Subject Area in which the nominee has been selected.]

You will need to provide your nominees with the following information so that they can complete their online registration form correctly.  If options are not chosen correctly, the registration will not appear in the correct area in the database; when this happens we need to print out the incorrect entry and re-enter the nominee's information on the web.

Please select the following the options:

Early Childhood: Content Knowledge (0022):

Question #3: select "Content" option

Question #4: select "Early Childhood Ed" option

Teaching Reading (0204):

Question #3: select "Content" option

Question #4: select "Teaching Reading" option

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you.


Dele Kuku

Professional Associate

Foundational and Validity Research Area

609-734-1931 (Voice)

609-734-1090 (Fax)

Dr. Reed F. Spencer
Coordinator, K-12 Literacy
Utah State Office of Education

To:          Human Resource Directors, Curriculum Directors, Literacy Specialists, University Liaison Committee Members
From:    Reed Spencer, USOE State Literacy Specialist
                Travis Rawlings, USOE Licensing and Endorsements Specialist
Date:     November 23, 2009
Subject:  Praxis test for Reading Endorsement 1

Reading is designated as a "core academic subject" under the regulations of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), which requires the teacher of such a subject to be "Highly Qualified."  In response to this requirement, the Utah State Board of Education enacted the following into Administrative Rule R277-503-3(3)C:

"All license applicants seeking a Level 1 Utah educator license or an area of concentration or an endorsement in an NCLB core academic subject area after March 3, 2007 shall submit passing score(s) on a rigorous Board- designated content test, where tests are available, prior to the issuance of a renewable license or endorsement."

Praxis has released a test which satisfactorily assesses content knowledge in the teaching of reading. This new assessment was examined and endorsed by a group of Utah reading specialists in August.  Another opportunity to look at the assessment will be on Wednesday, January 13th from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., down town SLC location TBA, with lunch provided at noon. Participants must RSVP to emily.sweeten at schools.utah.gov<mailto:emily.sweeten at schools.utah.gov>  by December 18, 2009.  The passing score for Utah will be determined by Utah educators who will meet with ETS in a standard setting study on February 3, 2010 for this purpose.  An email containing the registration information for this meeting has been sent to Curriculum Directors and Literacy Specialists.

The Reading Endorsement 1 application will be rewritten to reflect this information.

Please note the following important dates and information regarding our transition to the Praxis requirement for the Reading Endorsement 1:

1.       As of January 1, 2011 all applications for Reading Endorsement 1 (there will be no test required for Reading Endorsement 2) must include satisfactory completion of the existing seven requirements AND a passing score on the Praxis.  The Praxis does not take the place of the course requirements, but is an additional requirement.

2.       All existing SAEPs for the Reading Endorsement 1 will NOT include the Praxis requirement, inasmuch as the Board has historically viewed the SAEP as a formal agreement between the educator and the Board of Education of requirements necessary for the endorsement.

3.       As of December 1, 2009, all applications for a State Approved Endorsement Program (SAEP) for the Reading Endorsement 1 will include a passing score on the Reading Praxis as one of the requirements for the Reading Endorsement 1.

Thank you very much.

Dr. Reed F. Spencer
Coordinator, K-12 Literacy
Utah State Office of Education

Emily Sweeten
Executive Secretary
Curriculum & Instruction
Utah State Office of Education
P: (801) 538-7785
F: (801) 538-7769

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