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The 2008 AYP reports will include graduation rate for each subgroup for the first time.  In preparation for this change, we would like you to carefully review your graduation rate information.  Please see the information from Jerry Winkler below:

Several documents have been placed into your MoveIT folder for review:
                High School Completion Status Business Rules
                High School Completion Status logical flow diagram
                Utah Graduation and Dropout Rates
                2007 Grad Rate Report spreadsheet

The High School Completion Status Business Rules document contains information on how the students HS completion status is set based on exit codes, etc.

The High School Completion Status logical flow diagram is a flow diagram for that process.

The Utah Graduation and Dropout Rates document was presented to the Board at the last meeting and contains the formulas used to calculate graduation rate as well as an explanation of how different questions on graduation rates produce different answers.

The 2007 Grad Rate Report spreadsheet lists the graduation rate for your district as well as schools in your district by student group (sub group code).  The key for the sub group code is:
                A - Asian
                B - African American
                C - Caucasian
                E - Economically Disadvantaged
                H - Hispanic
                I - American Indian
                L - English Language Learner
                P - Pacific Islander
                S - Students with Disabilities
                W - Whole school

Please review these documents and bring any questions you may have to the Spring Data Conference on Thursday (see http://www.schools.utah.gov/warehouse/Apr-24-2008_meeting/Apr24Agenda.htm for the agenda).  If you are unable to attend, please email questions to Randy Raphael (randy.raphael at schools.utah.gov<mailto:randy.raphael at schools.utah.gov>),  Andrew Jones (andrew.jones at schools.utah.gov<mailto:andrew.jones at schools.utah.gov>) or Jerry Winkler (jerry.winkler at schools.utah.gov<mailto:jerry.winkler at schools.utah.gov>).

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