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Curriculum Directors,
Many of you have asked for information regarding the One-time Performance-based Compensation Program.  Below is an e-mail Dr. Larry Shumway, USOE Deputy Superintendent, has distributed to superintendents.  Hopefully this e-mail will address your inquiries regarding the status of the compensation program.

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Subject: One-time Performance-based Compensation Program

The One-time Performance-based Compensation Program (OTPBCP) was created in the 2008 General Session (53A-17a-148).   The program appropriation of $20 million came from the non-lapsing minimum school program fund balance and was a "one-time" appropriation.

In its November meeting, the State Board of Education made recommendations regarding necessary budget reductions due to anticipated revenue shortfalls.  Part of the Board's recommendation was that the $20 million appropriated in FY09 to the OTPBCP be reallocated to maintain as much of the Minimum School Program as possible in FY10 (or, if necessary, to maintain on-going programs in FY09).  The Education Appropriations Subcommittee met on November 21 to discuss budget reductions. At that time, it was agreed that the timing of distribution of funds in the OTPBCP was at the discretion of the State Board and that it would be in the interest of all to delay distribution for the time being.

Yesterday Governor Huntsman announced his public education budget recommendations for FY10, as well as for the remainder of FY09.  Though not explicitly stated in his budget, an underlying assumption that makes the numbers work is the reallocation the $20 million from the OTPBCP to maintain the on-going elements of the Minimum School Program.

This change to the  budget will require legislative action, so none of the recommendations above mean final action.  However, given current budget concerns, the USOE will delay distribution of the OTPBCP funds until further notice.  Because the program was intended to pay performance "bonuses" at the end of the year, this delay in the distribution of funds should have no immediate effect.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Larry Shumway
Deputy Superintendent
Utah State Office of Education
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