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From: Greenwood, Lynne 
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Subject: FW: Heads up for Curriculum Directors: Beverly Taylor Sorenson
Arts Learning Grants


Curriculum Directors,

Carol Ann Goodson has composed the memo below to provide you with some
critical information regarding the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning
Grant.  If you have additional questions, please contact her.  Here is
the link to the school application materials:


You will be receiving notice of the district application in
approximately a week.  However, critical questions that have been raised

1.	May my elementary classroom teacher with background in an art
form serve as one of these specialist?

No, not unless they have or can gain entrance into the level II
Elementary Specialist Endorsement program in their art form.

2.	Can the specialists serve in more than one Art form in a school?

That depends on the overall application and supporting rational.  The
Sorenson Model is a side by side model requiring a classroom teacher and
a specialist to work together.

3.	May I receive funding with a model that varies from the Sorenson
Side by Side Model?


4.	May districts join together to hire one district Arts
coordinator to serve the consortium?


5.	May an Arts specialist serve more than one school?

Yes, depending on the application and overall rationale within your

6.	May the classroom teacher leave the room during arts instruction
by the specialist to do team planning and etc.

No, this is a side by side model with the Arts teacher and the classroom
teacher working together.

7.	Does anyone with a major in the Art form qualify to be a

No, you need to be a licensed educator with a k-6, k-12, or 6-12 working
on an elementary k-6 endorsement.


Yes, if they are a professional artist and have evidence of successful
work with elementary children in the Art form.



Lynne Greenwood

Director, Curriculum & Instruction

Utah State Office of Education 




Dear Curriculum Directors,


The SCHOOL applications for the Sorenson Arts Learning Grants is now
online.  The district materials and directions are coming.  Districts
are allowed to go together to collectively form a consortia and hire a
fulltime District Arts Coordinator to oversee whatever specialist(s) are
hired.  http://arts.utah.gov/home.html 

The schools are to get their grant in to the district by the 8th, and
then the district or consortia of districts approves or disapproves them
and sends them on to the Arts Council with the district/consortia
application proposal a week later.  


Here is the notice I sent out to the District Arts Coordinators
yesterday regarding orientation meetings.  There should be an official
announcement coming from the Arts Council any time now to Supts and
Regional Service Centers, etc.  That will also be forwarded to the
District Arts Coordinators.  I Hope this helps!


Dear District Arts Coordinators,


The districts in the greater SLC metro area met today with the sponsors
of the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program to get oriented on
the grant application.  They did not bring their principals, and you may
want to do the same, however the choice is yours.  It was helpful for
all concerned.


I have set up five regional meetings for your to choose from.  They are
in large spaces so you can feel free to bring whomever you would like.
This is a tremendous opportunity to make headway in your district and



12 Noon, Tuesday,     April 15, Grand SD boardroom, 264 South 400 East,
Moab  (If this is your lunch hour, bring a brown bag.)

1 PM, Wednesday,      April 16, Box Elder SD theatre, 960 So. Main,
Brigham City

10 AM,  Monday,       April 21, Woodward Bldg. Wash. SD, 121 W.
Tabernacle, St. George

9 AM, Tuesday,          April 22,  Nebo SD boardroom, 350 So. Main,
Spanish Fork

1 PM Tuesday,             April 22, Wasatch SD boardroom, 101 East 200
North, Heber






Carol Ann Goodson, Ph.D. 
State Fine Arts Specialist 
Utah State Office of Education 
250 East 500 South; P.O. Box 144200 
Salt Lake City, UT  84114-4200 
(801) 538-7793; Facsimile  538-7769 
carol.goodson at schools.utah.gov <mailto:carol.goodson at schools.utah.gov>


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