[cd] SB 99 Sub.1

Morgan, Bonnie BMORGAN@usoe.k12.ut.us
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 14:50:15 -0700

HI to all of you,
A bill has passed both the House and Senate (SB 99, substitute #1) that has
significantly changed instructional materials adoption. Please take time to
read this bill.

It places the burden upon the local school board and the school district's
Curriculum Materials Review Committee for materials adoption. The state
Instructional Materials commission will only recommend texts NOT adopted. It
gets worse.  Each school may select instructional materials recommended by
the local board but they may appeal and essentially use what they want.  You
and your 
superintendents need to contact Richard Kendall, the Governor's educcation
advisor, and ask the Governor to veto the bill.