[cd] UEN needs educators ....

Karen Krier kkrier@uen.org
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 17:12:23 -0700


The Utah Education Network was awarded a grant to align the
lessons found on the MarcoPolo partner sites with the Utah Core

When the alignment process is complete, a teacher will be able go
to uen.org and use our Curriculum Search Tool
http://www.uen.org/curriculumsearch/ and find, not only the
lessons  that have been created by Utah teachers (and approved by
USOE Specialists), but also lessons that are part of the MarcoPolo
project. (I have provided more information about MarcoPolo and the
Alignment Process below.)

I am the administrator of this grant and I am now ready to get
started. I would like you to recommend a few Utah educators (or
former educators) who:

- 1 - are very familiar with one of the following Utah K-12 Core
Areas: Social Studies, Fine Arts, Language Arts or Science

- 2 - have time to devote to this project

- 3 - have Internet access and are fairly tech savvy

The people we contract to do this work would of course get paid
and would be able to work from home, since most of the necessary
tools to fulfill this grant are online.

I would like you provide me with the name and contact information
of a few people who you think meet the
criteria listed above.  I will contact the people you recommend to
find out if they are interested.

If you need more information or want to talk about this further,
please don't hesitate to contact me - 585-0914.  The Utah
Education Network appreciates your support in this process.
Karen Krier
Instructional Support Services
Utah Education Network

MarcoPolo Background Information

The MarcoPolo program provides no-cost, standards-based Internet
content for the K-12 teacher and classroom, developed by the
nation's content experts. Online resources include panel-reviewed
links to top sites in many disciplines, professionally developed
lesson plans, classroom activities, materials to help with daily
classroom planning, and a search engines.

MarcoPolo funds the following six partner sites:

-1- EconEdLink

-2- Xpeditions (National Geographic)

-3- EdSiteMent (Humanities)

-4- Illuminations (Math)

-5- ScienceNetLinks

-6- ArtsEdge

MarcoPolo has provided us a spreadsheet that contains all of the
necessary details of the lessons that can be found on these 6
partner sites.   Among other things, the spreadsheet has the
title, URL, description, the grade level(s) and the National
Standard  that the lesson is correlated to.  Most of these 6 sites
have around 100 lessons.

The Alignment Process
The educators that we would hire to do the alignment would review
the lesson and decide which, if any, of the Utah standards it
aligns to.  They would then log-in to an online tool that the UEN
programmers have created to enter the lesson it into our UEN
database and align it to specific core standards.

When the alignment process is complete, the USOE Curriculum
Specialists would have the opportunity to review their work and
approve or reject it prior to it going live on our site.

As for the timeline, MarcoPolo has already inquired several times
about our progress. So they are anxious to see us get something
out.  Officially the grant says we should be done with the
alignment process by June of 2002, but I would like to have this
alignment completed as soon as possible.

Hope to hear from you soon.