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Fri, 24 Aug 2001 19:57:21 -0600

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August 24, 2001

Dear Principals and Teachers: 

The U.S. Holocaust Museum, Washington, D.C., has selected the J. Willard
Marriott Library at the University of Utah to host a traveling exhibition
entitled THE NAZI OLYMPICS Berlin 1936.   The exhibition will be at the
Marriott Library in Salt Lake City from September 12, 2001 through March 22,
2002, coinciding with the 2002 Winter Olympic Games that will take place in
February 2002. 

Through historical photographs, film, and testimonials of athletes, the
exhibition chronicles the politics, human achievement, and spectacle of the
most controversial Olympic Games in modern history.  Including 200
photographs and reproductions of  pamphlets, newspapers, and documents, the
exhibition requires more than 4,000 square feet.  There are 98 separate
elements that combined evoke the aesthetics of the 1930s within the context
of sport and Olympics motifs. 

Designated as a part of the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee's
Cultural Olympiad, the exhibition will act as a main focus for a series of
educational events and programs and is expected to attract thousands of
visitors to the campus and the Library.  While the exhibition will be here
for the duration of the Olympic Winter Games and open to visitors from
around the world, the main audience is expected to be the citizenry of Utah.
We would like to invite you to bring your students to view this exhibition
as part of your history curricula. (Thorough teacher guides are available.)
We do have size limitations, so if you are interested in bringing your class
to see the exhibition or if you would like more information, please contact
Amie Scoville at the Marriott Library, 801-585-1682, or go to our website:
www.lib.utah.edu/exhibition/1936 .  


Amie Scoville 
Program Coordinator 
Amie Scoville 
Marriott Library 
Project Coordinator 
(801) 585-1682