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Herrera, Kim Kim.Herrera at schools.utah.gov
Mon Mar 25 17:44:53 MDT 2019

Dear School Counselors,

Statute suggests that students should enroll in Statewide Online Education Program courses at concurrently with ordinary registration processes for the upcoming school year at their primary school of enrollment. The Utah State Board is currently in the process of amending Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rule R277-726 to require that schools post notice of Statewide Online Education Program opportunities concurrently with other registration materials, including:

(a) in registration materials;
(b) on the LEA's website; and
(c) on the school's website.

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) is thus very sorry to announce that its "SEATS" enrollment application is currently encountering problems with enrollment of new students who do not already have a SEATS account. As a temporary "work-around," until we are able to remedy this problem, we ask that you send USBE an excel spreadsheet of the students that wish to enroll in online coursework for Quarter 4, Summer, or Quarters 1-4 if the 2019-2020 school, with courses chosen.  This will allow USBE to enter these enrollments into SEATS to gain approval of coursework and allow review by school officials.

NOTE: As you utilize the attached spreadsheet for submission of enrollments, please either password protect the workbook (REQUIRED to maintain appropriate security of student information), or label your email ENCRYPT in the subject heading, with no other words in the subject heading, if you are using Outlook (this process automatically sends the note in an encrypted fashion).

Please forward this not to any newer counselor or another person that you believe may need to be apprised of this problem.

We appreciate your assistance in this matter and hope that this need will be temporary. For further questions, please contact Cory Kanth at 801-538-7660 or cory.kanth at schools.utah.gov<mailto:cory.kanth at schools.utah.gov>.

With Best Wishes,

Cory Kanth

Dr. Cory Kanth, Ph.D.
Statewide Online Education Program Specialist
Financial Operations | Utah State Board of Education
* : 801.538.7660 | *:: cory.kanth at schools.utah.gov<mailto:cory.kanth at schools.utah.gov>
Website:  http://www.schools.utah.gov/edonline/

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