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School Counselors

In May of this year, the Utah State Board of Education unanimously approved the guideline for physical education credit toward graduation. This information was shared with curriculum leadership in late summer.  Prior to revising the Physical Education Core Standards, the guidelines were included in the standards. However, that is not the appropriate place for these guidelines. The Board requested a committee create a new set of guidelines and give more power to the local education agencies (LEA's)/districts. The new guidelines no longer list approved activities, now the LEA/district can evaluate their own programs and decide if they align to course standards. Also, a student may now receive an additional 0.5 credits for participation in an additional activity, if that activity meets course standards. In the past, a student would have to complete two consecutive seasons of the same sport to earn 0.5 credits of P.E. and the activities were determined by the USBE. With the new guideline students can earn up to a full credit of P.E. by participating in two seasons of two different activities that the LEA determines the activities meet course standards. It is important to note the LEA/district is who determines the alignment to course standards, not an individual administrator or school.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding this new guideline please feel free to contact

Jodi Kaufman

Health and Physical Education Specialist

Utah State Board of Education

jodi.kaufman at schools.utah.gov<mailto:jodi.kaufman at schools.utah.gov>


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