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Good Afternoon,

Attached is the 2017-18 Concurrent Enrollment Exploratory Major Pathways counselors, students, and parents/guardians can use to determine the appropriate math pathway to take according to the student's area of interest (Holland's Code).   As counselors, you are able to help students make the connection between area of interest to existing CE math pathways preparatory to colleges in Utah.  This document is not only meant for 9th-12th graders and their parents/guardians, but also as an awareness tool for 7th and 8th graders and their parents/guardians as well.  Other features to this document include:

-        Description of the three Quantitative Literacy CE math courses (p 1)

-        Recommended CE courses that are complimentary to the specific CE math course (p 2)

-        The program of study area in which the CE courses and CE math course fulfill (p 2)

-        The institutions offering CE enrollment courses (p 2)

-        Contact information of concurrent enrollment academic advisors at each Utah college/university site (p 3)

-        Contact information of USHE/USBE concurrent enrollment specialists (p 3)

Please utilize this document and share broadly with your stakeholders.  ***Also attached is a Concurrent Enrollment General Education Pathway that can also be shared with your high school students.  You can to refer back to these documents on our UEN Counselor Toolkit as well under the "College Ready" tile: http://www.uen.org/ccr/counselor-toolkit/index.shtml


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