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Good Morning Intermediate/Middle/Junior High School Counselors,

This information was sent out earlier but we wanted to send it out again regarding CDA #13 Assertiveness Inventory and how students score their inventory.  We realize it was not included in the handout and many of you had questions regarding this issue:

Have students add up the points in the third column ("How likely would you"):
61 and above = Very Assertive
41-60 = Somewhat Assertive
40 and below= Not Assertive

If there is time and the counselor wants to, they can have students role play some of the scenarios mentioned in the sheet and have them try out the passive, aggressive or assertive approach.  (To help clarify these last three terms I use the descriptors from Goldilocks: too cold (passive), too hot (aggressive) and just right (assertive).

We will be sure to include this information on the worksheet for next year.


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