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Middle and Junior High School Counselors,

With much anticipation, USOE will be providing training for the counselor-taught Career Development Applications from the NEW College and Career Awareness Program.  These CDAs will be taught in all middle/junior high schools throughout Utah next school year, 2015-16.  Training specific to the 5 counselor-taught CDAs will occur during the June CCGP Summer Conference.

All middle and junior high school counselors must attend this training.  This training will be offered during this year's CCGP summer conference.

School counselors will be able to choose one of the six (just 1 of the 6) sessions during summer conference to receive an overview of the 5 counselor-taught CDAs.

Important information to know:

*         Understand that 95% of the content within the CDAs is new

*         There are 4 focus areas wherein content-related CDAs are taught.  These 4 focus areas are:
Role and Identity;
Career Awareness: Options, Requirements, and Readiness;
College and Career Connections; and,
College and Career Planning

*         CDAs are taught in focus areas and must be taught in sequence within the focus area of lessons.  The lessons have specific placement during the year and so more planning will be required in when the counselor taught lessons are scheduled.  Depending on whether or not your school runs on a quarter or trimester system will dictate the grouping of the lessons.  Each focus area is to help the students understand the information better and tie to program experience.

*         Of the 17 CDAs, 5 are taught by school counselors

    These are the counselor-taught CDAs within their corresponding focus area:
Focus Area 1:  Role and Identity
CDA #3: "Planning, Timing, Setting Goals"
At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
(1) identify personal priorities,
(2) set specific and measurable goals, and (3) schedule their time.

Focus Area 2:  Career Awareness: Options, Requirements, and Readiness
CDA #5: "Learning the language of College and Career"
A metaphor for career development/lifelong and achievement is presented.  Key terms related to CCR are introduced.

Focus Area 3:  College and Career Connections
CDA #13: "Working Proactively with Others"
Students will learn team work, collaboration, problem solving respecting strengths & uniqueness of self and others.

Focus Area 4:  College and Career Planning
CDA #14:  "Effective Career Planning Resources"
Students will explore places to find information about job openings and evaluate whether all sources are equally reliable.  Students will also have the opportunity to review types of job applications, complete application as a team, and practice thinking like an employer.

College and Career Readiness Plan (Overview/Review)
CDA #17:  This CDA is designed to be presented in conjunction with a College and Career Readiness Planning experience as a group. Depending on timing, the presentation can be either an overview of the topics and content covered within the CDAs, or as a review to remind students of their personal discoveries and experiences with the lessons.

We wish to thank counselors who have helped in developing these Career Development Applications:  Kris Dobson, Marcy McQuiston, Kathy Bitner, and Christie Robertson.

Carry on with the good work in helping students through the end of this school year.   We look forward to seeing you at the CCGP Summer Conference. :) Registration for summer conference will go live April 1. Please look for registration information on our CCGP website.

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