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Greetings All,

As you ramp up for the new term, please make note that February is CTE Month. This year's theme is: Recognizing Classroom Innovators.

The main goal is to PROMOTE CTE! CTE Month resources can be found at http://www.schools.utah.gov/cte/month.html.

Also, visit UtahCTE.org<http://www.UtahCTE.org> to access CTE videos, social media, blogs, and CTE Pathways information targeted to students.
·         Watch for daily features on the Utah CTE Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/pages/Utah-CTE-Career-and-Technical-Education/201605646939?v=wall>.
·         Watch for daily tweets on the Utah CTE Twitter<http://twitter.com/UtahCTE>.
·         Watch Utah CTE videos on the Utah CTE YouTube<http://www.youtube.com/UtahCTE> channel.
·         Read blogs<http://www.utahcte.org/blog/> on UtahCTE.org.

Here are some items to bring to your attention:

1.       NEW - CTE Month Pass Along Cards<http://schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/PassAlongCards.aspx>

2.       NEW - Pocket CTE Advocacy Card<http://schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/AdvocacyCard.aspx>
·         Advocacy for CTE<http://schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/AdvocacyForCTE.aspx>

  1.  28 Things to Do During CTE Month<http://www.schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/ThingsToDo.aspx>

4.       Utah CTE Fact Sheet<http://schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/CTEFactSheet.aspx>

  1.  CTE Today<http://schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/CTEToday.aspx> (Quick facts about CTE provided by ACTE)
This short CTE primer focuses on numbers that will grab the attention of busy legislators, industry leaders and their staff. Use it to introduce people quickly to the value of CTE.
  2.  CTE Works<http://schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/CTEWorks.aspx> (Research demonstrating the value of CTE provided by ACTE)
This fact sheet provides an overview of relevant CTE research across broad themes. Areas of focus include CTE's impact on student academic achievement, dropout rates, adult workforce needs, earnings and employment outcomes, the skills gap and state economies.
·         CTE Works! 2014 Results from a National Survey<http://schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/CTEWorksSurvey.aspx>

7.      Ideas for districts - What can I do to promote CTE Month in My District?<http://www.schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/CTEMonthDistrict.aspx>

  1.  Ideas for schools - What Can I Do to Promote CTE Month in My School?<http://www.schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/CTEMonthSchool.aspx>
  2.  Ideas for classrooms - What Can I Do to Promote CTE Month in My Classroom?<http://www.schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/CTEMonthClassroom.aspx>
  3.  What is your CTE story?

     *   Educator version<http://www.schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/WhatIsYourCTEStoryEducator.aspx>
     *   Student version<http://www.schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/DOCS/Month/WhatIsYourCTEStoryStudent.aspx>

I encourage you to participate in CTE Month and please let us know what going on in your school to celebrate. Perhaps your CTE multimedia could help you put together a promotional video on your school counseling program.

Email your stories to UtahCTE at schools.utah.gov<mailto:UtahCTE at schools.utah.gov>.

Ahéhee' (thanks)

Lillian Tsosie-Jensen
Utah State Office of Education
Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program Specialist
801-538-7962 Office

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