[CCGP Info] Middle/Junior High School Counselor-Taught CDAs of the NEW College and Career Awareness Program

Tuua, Momi Momi.Tuua at schools.utah.gov
Thu Apr 30 15:49:14 MDT 2015

Fellow Middle and Junior High School Counselors,

As requested by counselors during the USCA Summit that took place this afternoon, I am emailing this information again to help counselors guide their planning.  The USOE will be providing training for the NEWS counselor-taught Career Development Applications from the NEW College and Career Awareness Program.  These NEW CDAs will be taught in all schools throughout Utah beginning in the next school year, 2015-16.  Training specific to the 5 counselor-taught CDAs will occur during the June 10th -11th Summer Conference.  All middle and junior high school counselors must attend this training as it will be offered during this year's summer conference. School counselors will be able to choose one of the six (just 1 of the 6) sessions during summer conference to receive an overview of the 5 counselor-taught CDAs.  The link for the Summer Conference Registration is:  http://cte.usu.edu. :)

Important information to know:
-Understand that 95% of the content within all of the CDAs is new
-There are 4 focus areas wherein content-related CDAs are taught.  These 4 focus areas are:
Role and Identity;
Career Awareness: Options, Requirements, and Readiness;
College and Career Connections; and,
College and Career Planning

-CDAs are taught in focus areas (groupings) and must be taught in sequence within the focus area of lessons without exceptions.  The lessons have specific placement during the year.  As a result, more planning is required among the College and Career Awareness Team to schedule when the counselor lessons will be taught. Depending on whether or not your school runs on a quarter or trimester system will dictate the grouping of the lessons.  Each focus area is to help students tie the program experience together as they work toward college and career readiness.
-Of the 17 CDAs, 5 are taught by school counselors
-This is the sequence and order CDAs will be taught according to your school grade marking periods (quarter or trimester)

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Please refer to the slides I have attached to this email for a brief explanation to share with your fellow counselors, teachers, and administrators.

"Imua!" (ee-moo-wah=Forward and Upward!),

Momi Tu'ua
Utah State Office of Education
Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Specialist
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250 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4200
801-538-7828 Office
801-538-7868 Fax

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