[CCGP Info] CCGP Needs Assessment UPDATE

Tsosie-Jensen, Lillian Lillian.Tsosie-Jensen at schools.utah.gov
Tue Sep 23 08:53:25 MDT 2014

Fellow Counselors,

We are earnestly putting forth the best effort in building a Needs Assessment tool that is user-friendly to your patrons which will lessen counselor need to explain the mechanics of taking the survey.  The time you spend with your students is a value that we want to continue to support.

These are the features and supports of the Needs Assessment that have been enhanced or added this year:

-          Crosswalk of questions/answers to the CCGP Student Outcome Domains

-          Spanish-version option for parent survey

-          Standardized questions that are interrelated among the 3 surveys (student, parent, teachers)

-          Better instructions for counselors in setting up 5 additional questions unique to the school, launching URL on school website, and reviewing data after the survey is taken

-          A class will be taught in using this tool at the Fall USCA Conference, November 14th, at Dixie State University in St. George

(Though this is not related to the Needs Assessment, we have also built a Teach/Touch Survey to give to teachers at a later point in time)

Thank you for your patience.  Know that we have all counselors in mind as you deliver this tool to your school community.  We will be launching the Needs Assessment shortly.

"Imua!" (ee-moo-wah=Forward and Upward!),

Momi Tu'ua
Utah State Office of Education
Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Specialist
[new label 3small]
250 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4200
801-538-7828 Office
801-538-7868 Fax

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