[CCGP Info] Utah Futures "Log In" Solutions to Potential "Log In" Problems

Tuua, Momi Momi.Tuua at schools.utah.gov
Thu Oct 23 23:19:09 MDT 2014

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Hi All,

Dave Olson, our UF statewide system administrator has provided the following information for avoiding trouble for students logging in. The problem is that the system is not really providing users with multiple chances for login errors. We can avoid this by "clearing the cache." To do so, follow these directions from Dave:

Another thing I just thought of that will probably solve your problem is to clear your browsing history (cache).  If you are in Internet Explorer, be sure to unmark the first option "Preserve Favorites website data".  I would also suggest to set the option to clear your browsing history on exit.  This is done by:

  *   Internet Explorer - Go to Settings > Internet Options and select "Delete browsing history on exit", or
  *   Firefox -  Go to Settings > Options > Privacy and select "Clear history when Firefox closes." or
  *   Chrome - Setttings > Advanced Settings > Privacy Content Settings and select "Keep local data only until you quit your browser"
This should take care of the issue at the school.  Please let me know if it helps with your login issues.


We hope this helps.

Dawn Stevenson, Coordinator
Career Awareness and Dropout Prevention
Utah State Office of Education

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