[CCGP Info] Launching Teach/Touch Survey through (PlanSmart) Counselor's Room Website

Tuua, Momi Momi.Tuua at schools.utah.gov
Tue Oct 14 09:01:06 MDT 2014

Many of you are asking how to also launch the Teach/Touch Survey that helps counselors "determine which of the identified competencies teachers are teaching" (CCGP Standard 5 School Guidance Curriculum, Indicator B Curriculum Delivery).  This survey is also accessed at www.counselorsroom.org with your school's unique username and password.

(If you do not have your username and password because your school has not yet used this Counselor's Room tool, please contact your district CTE Director or CCGP Specialist for that information.  If you have forgotten your username or password, please use the links on Counselor's Room website to retrieve it. )

The directions are as follows:

-Click on Invite tab

-Find the Teach/Touch at the bottom of the list

-Select the "work with"

-The URL for your school will be shown

-Copy and paste the URL to advertise on your school's website or send via email to teachers

"Imua!" (ee-moo-wah=Forward and Upward!),

Momi Tu'ua
Utah State Office of Education
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