[CCGP Info] 2014-15 Needs Assessment Launch TODAY

Tuua, Momi Momi.Tuua at schools.utah.gov
Fri Oct 3 13:25:42 MDT 2014

Fellow Counselors,

It’s finally here!  Thank you all for your patience!  This Needs Assessment is unique for several reasons which include capacity to review results not only from the school level but also at the district and state levels, most questions include the CCGP Crosswalk to Student Learning Outcomes from all 4 domains, the questions are aligned as much as possible among the 3 surveys.


The Needs Assessment is ready for students, parents (available in Spanish, too), and faculty to use.   Please print and use the attached document as it provides:

1.       Detailed instruction (username/password) for counselors to use if they would like to add up to 5 questions to the Needs Assessment.

2.       URL instructions to launch on your school’s website for 3 groups.

3.       Instructions for the Teach/Touch Survey for Teachers to use to help counselors know what parts of CCGP are being taught in the classroom.

Thank you for your hard work!

Momi Tu’ua

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