[CCGP Info] UtahFutures--Mid-year Reality Check

Tuua, Momi Momi.Tuua at schools.utah.gov
Tue Nov 18 11:10:53 MST 2014

Hi All,

Having completed training for more than 600 school counselors, we have a good idea of how UtahFutures is working and not working for you. I hope the following information will help you plan your College and Career Readiness Activities accordingly.

These parts of UtahFutures are working well:

Assessments-with the notable exception that the results from Reality Check do not save. The sorting functions for occupations from the assessment results work very nicely.
Career Roadmaps-you can often find schools and programs of study for many careers under the post-high school graduation cap on the Roadmap
Test Preparation Package-really is the best and most comprehensive available
Community Partners-a nice new feature that has real potential
Basic Site Administrator Functions-very basic, but they work

These parts of UtahFutures are not working well:
Search functions, including
                School Search
                Occupation Search
                Scholarship Search
Programs of Study is not even built and is a huge source of frustration. Some school counselors are very adept at using the Utah Majors Guide http://www.utahmajors.org/ for this information.

On top of all this, the really bad news is that we are out of funding, so even the features that we hoped to fix and could fix will not improve until we are able to secure additional funding from the Utah Legislature. In your efforts to advocate for students and for school counselors, encourage your local legislators to support full funding for UtahFutures.

Please contact me dawn.stevenson at schools.utah.gov<mailto:dawn.stevenson at schools.utah.gov> or Kristi Becknell Kristi.becknell at schools.utah.gov<mailto:Kristi.becknell at schools.utah.gov> directly if you have questions

Dawn Stevenson, Coordinator
Career Awareness, Dropout Prevention and
General Financial Literacy
Utah State Office of Education

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